Pray for Japan and our sensei

Pray for everyone in Japan!!

Òa : (( hôm nghe tin động đất màh đơ cả người, trời ơi, ta khóc : (((( hết động đất, sóng thần lại tới nổ nhà máy điện hạt nhân, hux, Nhật iu quý của ta : (( đã có hơn 1 vạn người mất tích và hơn 1000 người đã chết : (( quá thảm khốc TT.TT hi vọng những người mất tích tìm về được với gia đình và không còn ai phải chết *pray*

ôi, các sensei của ta : (( các idol của ta : (( các shop bán MA, sa/ya của ta : (( cho đến bây h vẫn ko biết thông tin gì về các sensei, chỉ thấy mỗi danh sách nghệ sĩ Nhật bị thương : (( cầu chúc vạn lần cho các sensei được bình an! *pray*

Nhìn ảnh một góc thành phố chìm trong khói lửa màh muốn bật khóc TT^TT Nhìn những khung cảnh đổ nát màh đau lòng TT^TT


Nhưng cũng chính trong những thảm họa như thế lại xuất hiện những câu chuyện vô cùng cảm động T.T

I’m crying

So I just had a phone call with a friend of mine who’s living in Japan. She’s living in Sendai and as you may know that’s the city that got hot the worst. Well, she’s okay and her family too so far, but she was close to tears when she called me and after she told me what happened… I’m crying too.

She said that she’s been in the middle of the street after the earthquake and when the tsunami came, together with her mother and her little brother (2 years old). The water was too fast so they had to hide in the shelter of a house but they knew that the water would rise more and more and that they had to get away from there or else they would drown. They kept yelling and somehow a man saw them from a balcony of the house they were hiding behind. Well, that man jumped down from the balcony and into the water and helped my friend and her mother and brother to get up into the house and the safety even though the water was getting stronger and stronger and making it even more impossible to stand. My friend’s mother insisted on her kids going first and then the man helped her up the balcony too.

She just turned around and he grabbed her hand to get out of the water too when a car (one of hundreds) was being washed down the street and in his direction. My friend’s mother and the other people were yelling… and he suddenly let go of her hand so that she wouldn’t get pulled into the water when the car hit and drowned him.

My friend and her family survived… thanks to a stranger who gave his life to rescue them. He could’ve stayed in the save building but instead he helped them. I was so touched when she told me her story.

I don’t know the name of this man, his story, who he was… but I want to give him a special moment in my prayers today and in the future.

He’s a true hero.

via: LoveJunchan/ Source: alice-in-koreantown


I couldn’t help stoping tears from flowing down. He sacrificed his self to saved three other lifes, that man is really a hero


Hqua đọc xong… khóc T^T … hnay quote lại lại muốn khóc T^T


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